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Rezervišite svoje mesto, a mi ćemo u roku od najviše jednog radnog dana obavestiti organizatora koji će vas kontaktirati kako biste precizirali uslove.


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Square Club is located at the heart of the Capital, more precisely, at Studentski trg no.15, near the Student Park. This club is a completely new dimension of clubbing and is becoming a place in which the biggest clubbers are going to gather. Situated in the very center of all the events, it is taking a taking a leading place in Belgrade’s night life.

What distinguishes “ Square“ from other similar places is the fact that it suits everyone’s needs and so its guests of this newely opened club will have the opportunity to enjoy a varied musical program from Thursday to Sunday. While Thursdays are dedicated to the best ’90s hits, on Fridays you will listen to the best house sounds. Fans of the house and related sounds will enjoy their night out on Sundays when listening to techno house, while Sundays are dedidated to RnB fans.

Booking: +381 62 262 212 (Whatsapp & Viber compatible)

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